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Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear Vaulties-

A lot's been going on in Yer Bunche's world outside of the Internet — unfortunately no job yet — and while I've been dealing with all of it I have sadly neglected this here blog. Well, don't worry. I've got some pieces in the pipeline and one of them is something I'd planned on for a while, but that plan was contingent on me acquiring a scanner, which I now have, so I'm scanning the images needed for the piece.

As regular readers of the Vault already know, one of my favorite things in existence is Britain's venerable weekly sci-fi comic mag 2000 A.D., and every now and then I get around to writing something about one of the many wonders found in its pages since its inception in 1977. I have a few recent collections of its material that I will be reviewing, but the series I'm aiming to focus on that requires scans is the infamous BIG DAVE, part of the magazine's 1993 "Summer Offensive" headed by writers John Smith, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison. Co-written by Morrison and Millar, with art by the incredible (and vastly underrated) Steve Parkhouse, it featured a title character who was "Manchester's hardest man," a staggeringly foul, lager-swilling lower class lout who was just about the toughest bastard imaginable, so tough that his sheer vulgar manliness could be considered a superpower. When shit got too thick to handle through even the toughest of Britain's military means, the government would call in Big Dave to get it all sorted.

The might and majesty that was Big Dave, "Manchester's hardest man."

Needless to say, something so aggressively tasteless greatly appealed to me, but why has this series, one of the mag's rare humor strips, been forgotten by all but us Two Thou diehards, especially considering the now-powerful talent behind it? I'll be telling that story soon, so stay tuned!

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