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Monday, October 11, 2010


Saturday rolled around and it was guaranteed that there would be a huge crush of geeky and costumed humanity, but none of us con-veterans expected the sheer volume of people that swelled the show to levels comparable to those experienced at the San Diego Comicon. I brought my super-groovy girlfriend, "She Who Cannot Be Named," along to witness the onslaught of unbridled fandom and geekery, and it would be the first time she'd ever experienced a comics convention. She herself is not a geek but she's very geek-friendly — she oughta be, since she dates me and apparently enjoys doing so — but in retrospect I wish I could have bright her on Friday instead. As you will see, the sights, sounds and crowd of this particular show were overwhelming for even the experienced con-goer, so you can only imagine what it would be like for my girlfriend, a total newcomer, to be thrown head-first into the deep end.

While I waited outside for She Who Cannot Be Named to arrive, I began snapping pics for this photo safari.

The faithful arrive at the temple.

An outstanding Riddler.

Ra's al Ghul brings the elegance.

The SMALLVILLE version of the Martian Manhunter and the Man of Steel.

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon.

Old school STAR TREK's "Mirror, Mirror" is represented.

(L-R) Rebel pilot, Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible.

Deadpool and Lara Croft.

Ma Hunkel, aka the Golden Age Red Tornado. I know it's silly as hell, but this gets a 10 out of 10 for both accuracy and being a costume that no one else at the con was likely rock.

The Golden Age Red Tornado, as seen in the comics.

A pair of excellent Lego fine art sculptures.

Captain America represents.

Hmmm... Apparently I'm worthy to hold this bad boy!

I have no idea what the fuck this guy was supposed to be, but this took serious elephant balls.

Clearly a case of bringing back the sexy.

(L-R) Iron Fist, the Moon Knight (who kinda looks like Blackface-Man) and Doctor Strange. It was Doc's first con, and he rocked it in style.

Hal Jordan in da house!!!

When done right, as seen here (I'll let the style of boots slide becuase these look really good), is there a more elegant superhero uniform than that of Captain Marvel? As classic Captain Marvel artist/co-creator C.C. Beck explained in a 1970's interview with FAWCETT COLLECTORS OF AMERICA:

"Captain Marvel's was an operetta-style soldier's uniform. He wore a sash, a jacket-like top, tight pants (not tights), and had a small, braid-trimmed cape slung over one shoulder when he first appeared. Such a costume was often worn by drum majors, doormen, or ushers. It wouldn't have been out of place even on the city streets in those days.

"Captain Marvel's so-called 'arm-bands' were his captain's sleeve marks, showing the rank of captain. Few people — artists, editors, or publishers — ever understood this or the fact [that] the decorations on Captain Marvel's cape were the ornamental buttons and braiding used on military outfits They have appeared looking like propellors, decorative flowers, and like bunches of bananas.

"The Marvel Family characters were originally designed to be as different as possible from all of comic books' other tights- wearing strongmen characters, who were also often hooded or masked. The Marvel Family were supposed to look like high school or college athletes."

An incredibly accurate Marvel Comics version of Ares. A 10 out of 10!

The Phoenix, before she went all dark.

An enthusiastic fan dressed as the second Terra waits to meet Amanda Conner, who designed the character.

A very pleasant surprise for me: Jeanette from SECRET SIX.

A trio of Marvel heroes.

I of course prefer the 1960's George Barris version, but this Black Beauty from the upcoming movie is not bad.

Extra points for this Robin being the Tim Drake version.

An awesome cross-dressing Booster Gold, flanked by the Flash and the Blue Beetle.

An enthusiastic Lion-O. I have extremely little love for the TV cartoons of the 1980's, but THUNDERACTS was head-and-shoulders better than the majority of that sorry lot.

And you thought things got bad when the Enterprise crew met Apollo!

The next generation, getting started early.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

An excellent Thor and Volstagg. Gentlemen, a 10 out of 10!

Zatanna, Rogue and Cyclops.

The crowd thickens.

You're a bad parent if you let your little ones anywhere near Carnage.

Just a small portion of the horror that was the lunch line at the food court.

Mysterio awaits an over-priced meal.

This Tank Girl gets extra points for the graffiti on her back. For those who don't know, Tank Girl's boyfriend, Booga, is a mutant kangaroo.

A Red Lantern, his rage likely spurred by the long lines and exorbitant prices at the food court.

When joy breaks out: an impromptu conga line.

An excellent Larfleeze and Star Sapphire.

The Empire represents.

The crowd reaches critical mass.

Loki and the no-so-Invisible Woman.

Gotham City in da house! Extra points for Harley's pose and expression.

A.C., kicking ass and drawing sketches.

Some costumed fans await an audience with A.C.

A fetching Wonder Woman, as rocked by a professional belly dancer. Not a damn thing wrong with that scenario.

Donna Troy and the Joker.

Pimpin' with the Yeti!

Yer Bunche and gifted illustrator Pia Guerra. I was her editor on Y: THE LAST MAN for about a year and we became friends during our daily phone and email communication, and that friendship has continued and flourished over the course of a decade. The funny thing is, this was the first time we ever met face-to-face because we live on opposite sides of the continent (she's from Canada), but when we did meet it was an instant love-fest. She's awesome and her husband is one lucky bastard.

The Huntress stalks the floor.

The Cyborg Superman.

Cloak and Dagger, two of my favorite Marvel characters who have been missing in action from the comics page for quite a wile. Where the hell are they?

Doctor Octopus.

Doctor Octopus versus the Doctor.

An excellent old school Black Canary (god, I miss her buccaneer boots) and Zatanna.

An excellent bit of AVATAR tech.

I always love seeing GATCHAMAN represented, and this guy did a kickass job.

Two Crazy 88's.Storm, with some Wakandan accents to her look.


I hate the character, but this Cable is outstanding.

Han Solo, frozen in...Lego!!!

The gang from KICK-ASS.

A terrific zero-budget amalgam of Captain America and Robin the Boy Wonder.

Deadpool and a terrific Domino.

Jubilee and Gambit.

A woman rocks Ron Burgundy. Brilliant!

The best Nick Fury I've ever seen. And I don't care how cool Sam Jackson is or what they put out there in THE ULTIMATES, Nick Fury is NOT a black man. So there.

(L-R) Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Zatanna. God, I love happy, smiling fangirls!

Lifelong Julie Newmar fan though I may be, I will always love Catwoman's Golden Age gear.

Mom as Elektra, breaking in the next generation.

Ms. Marvel, a character whose visibility is growing among cosplayers.

Who knew the Question was an Amanda Conner fan?

Hands down the most original and flat-out disturbing costume of the entire show.

Tow brithers from the Marve Bullpen days: Darren and Pondscum.

David Sharpe crashes the reunion.

A '90's Marvel Bullpen reunion: (L-R) Pondscum, David "Demonrock" Sharpe, me, and Darren Auck.

Bullpen brother Michael Kraiger and his daughter, Maeve.

Two fetching STAR TREK wimmerns: Nurse Christine Chapel and Cadet Gaila.

A.C. and another psyched fan.


Loki makes with some evil.

Best Hulk shirt ever!



Colin Lorimer said...

One of the great things about any con is the costumes...

Thanks for taking the time to put these up...The Invisible woman in particular. No Power Girls this time around?

Bunche (pop culture ronin) said...

Ya know, now that you mention it I did not see a single Power Girl and I was there for all three days.

anthony0358 said...

thank you sharing these awesome photos

Satyrblade said...

Thanks, Bunche.

Good Gods, I love fans who can rock their garb... especially hawt geek girls who have the builds and balls to get it right!

Incidentally, Cloak & Dagger appeared in the not-so-distant past as supporting characters in Runaways.

Thank you again for sharing the adventure!

Deense said...

HA! You got a pic of me in my Terra, and my gal in Jeanette. WIN. Great pictures. I love seeing all the cosplayers, it always makes me sad for the ones I missed.