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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Dear Vaulties-

The wifi in my area has been iffy at best for nearly a week and I've only been able to get online at Jesus o'clock in the morning for any length of time, provided I'm able to get on at all, and I often lose the signal entirely after only a few minutes. If I'm able to get online, connecting to anything is agonizingly slow, and forget about uploading photos. It sometimes gets like this if the weather's unsettled or bad, but lately the weather's been just fine, so I have no idea what's up. Consequently, there will be a delay in things getting posted here, which really pisses me off because I would like to keep this month's horror project going in a timely manner. I'll be hauling my laptop to my friend Suzi's place in Billyburg, where she has a very powerful signal (she's a major-league techie and will tolerate no less than Q Division-level technical function in her apartment), so I'll resume work on things from there, readying the next several days of posts for automatic posting. Sorry for the delay but such is life in our technology-dependent world of the future!

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