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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well, tonight is the final night of Bar BQ, the Brooklyn barbecue joint whose kitchen I anchored for just over two years. The place has been sold and will close tomorrow for any renovations and such that the new owners plan to implement, and I admit to having mixed feelings about it. The place was both a source of great joy and agonizing annoyances that many on the staff poured some serious blood, sweat and tears into to make it work and turn it into a semi-infamous neighborhood fixture, and now it's over.

I have some pressing work-related stuff that I should be taking care of, but I'll be there tonight to bid farewell to what was a valiant endeavor, so if you feel like checking out the place before it gets turned into what I predict will be yet another douchey, wannabe-West Side, overpriced shit-on-a-shingle establishment, come on down and pay your (dis)respects. Bar BQ is located on the corner of 6th Avenue and 20th Street in Brooklyn and is accessible from the R and F subway lines. Be there or be square, and witness the end of an era.

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Anonymous said...

That's completely lame. What the hell happened to this town that it can't support fun, local places anymore? This used to be the place to come to to let your freak flag fly, now it's morphing into some kind of rich white college douche dorm. Another one bites the dust, and the city takes another step towards mediocrity.