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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Man, this shit is getting fucking tiresome...


I expect that this information be accorded utmost confidentiality
and secrecy please.I am the head of Account's and Audit unit of
a bank here in Burkina Faso,West Afica.

I decided to contact you over this transaction,after a careful thought,
believing that you will be capable of handling this business transaction
with me.The transaction involves a standing and unclaimed sum of
10m Euros (Ten Million) in an account that belonged to a deceased
customer,who died in a crash accident.The account records here
clearly depicts that he was operating this account personally and
secretly,hence he did not indicate any next of kin/beneficiary to
whom the money should be entrusted to,in any case of death.
Since his death up till date,there has been no claimant for the funds
and according to the banking practices here,this money cannot be
released to anyone else,hence he did not indicate any next of kin
or beneficiary to the funds in any case of death,unless somebody
applies for it as his next of kin or beneficiary.Having studied this
account very well and the processes it would require to get the money
transfered because an indigene here cannot put up application claims
over the funds since the deceased was a foreigner,i now,pledge to you
to put up an application claim over the funds,as a next of kin/
beneficiary.You will have to provide an account where this money
will be remitted.The banking laws and practices here clearly stipulates
that if such money remained unclaimed after some period of time,
it will be returned and deposited to the bank treasury as unclaimed bills.
I have therefore decided that 35% of this money will be for you as my
foreign counterpart,in respect to the provision of a foreign account and
any other assistance which you will be required to provide towards the
success and completion of transaction,5% will be set aside for any
expenses which may be made during transaction and 60% will be for me.
Once we conclude transaction and you confirm money in your account,
i will come over to your Country,for sharing of funds according to the
percentages which i have clearly indicated to you.

To enable the immediate transfer of this money to your account
as arranged,you must apply first to the bank here,as a next of
kin to the deceased customer.Upon the receipt of your reponse,
i will furnish you with more details on how to commence with
transaction.I am assuring you that transaction is 100% risk-free
and that you should not entertain any fear at all.I will relay to you,
every necessary proceedures that is required for the transfer of this
money to your account,once we start.Please note that i have decided
to withhold the full details of this transaction because of my office status
and position,to make sure that i am working with the right person.

I will give you further details of transaction as soon as i hear from you
and your readiness to forge ahead with me.

Mamman Kontagora.


Anonymous said...


Welcome to the internet. Time to move on to something else. This kinda stuff's been going on for years now. It's old news.

Unknown said...

Those 'crash accidents' are the worst! That's how my great uncle Youseff died.

Matt said...

Did you see the dude who managed to turn a response to one of these scams into a Cthulhu mythos story?