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Friday, February 01, 2008


For all of us giant monster movie junkies out there, I stumbled across this a few minutes ago and just had to post it:

Legendary director Ishiro Honda — helmer of the original GODZILLA (1954), MOTHRA (1961), and many other rubber suit classics — on the set of INVASION OF THE ASTRO-MONSTER, aka MONSTER ZERO (1965), copping some Kumi Mizuno titty. Oh, yeaaaah...

And this kind of backstage tomfoolery may have been commonplace at Toho Studios, as seen in this rare shot from the "lost" 1960's Godzilla opus, GODZILLA VERSUS THE SEMEN MONSTER (1969) or, as it was retitled for U.S. distribution, GODZILLA'S ASS-FUCK RAMPAGE.

And, yes, that's our girl Kumi again, this time darkened a bit for a "native" look as "Big G" takes the crusty skin-boat to Tushy Town. If anyone ever finds this classic, please send me a copy!

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