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Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, upon returning from four days of the extremes of human emotion — elation through to sadness — I found a mountain of work that was supposed to have been handled in my absence, so I'm buried and will probably not be able to get to writing up the adventures from this past Thursday through Sunday. But what I can do is whet your appetite with a couple of pictures. First up is Yer Bunche at Thursday night's Devo show at Greenpoint, Brooklyn's McCarren Pool venue after removing my Energy Dome and discovering my hair had formed itself to the red helmet's contours.

No, this is not a Photoshop gag.

Next is a shot of a nasty, carved wooden bear that stands in front of a gas station in Hopewell Junction:

This hideous bit of nightmare fuel looks like what would happen if Papa Bear became a serial child molester and wandered about the fairytale forest grinning maniacally, totally unconcerned about the plethora of cum-stains adorning his Sportabouts as his 'batin' hand stands at the ready. Fucking ghastly.

Anyway, I'll be posting as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

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