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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Taking zero time to make and due out in January, we just knew this one was inevitable:

Yes, it's TIGER'S WOOD, a porn confection culled straight from the headline-making sex scandal that itself features several elements that made it a natural for translation into tenderloin fare, namely:
  • Black dude
  • Blonde white woman
  • Alleged mistresses coming out of the woodwork with tales of sordid checkerboard lovin'
  • Rightfully pissed-off white woman attacking horndog black man with golf club
Honestly, if someone hadn't made a porn flick based on this I would have been both shocked and totally confused. But the good ol' porn industry once again shows its enterprising nature and cranks out a Tiger Woods cash-in less than a month after the the incident that inspired it took place. It may be morally bankrupt, but you've got to give it up for the filmmakers' for their Barry Allenesque speed in putting the danmned thing together.

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