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Friday, January 29, 2010


The first batch of my patented meatballs for 2010 gets underway.


though this year has most certainly gotten off to a very good start indeed, I admit I've been lax with postings, due in part to not having as much time and motivation as I would like (along with having been out sick since Tuesday morning, only returning to work today). I'm working to correct this state of affairs by writing and stockpiling a number of articles that will allow me to get back on regular track, so I thank you for your kind patience.

While sick over the past few days I wasn't all that hungry, so when my appetite finally returned all i wanted was something simple to craft that would be a treat for my ravenous gullet. Several options were weighed until I settled on my patented meatballs, a delicate fusion of Italian and Swedish meatball flavors and techniques, and while cooking them I ruminated on the past month. (For me, cooking is something of an exercise in meditation whose results you can eat, so it's a win/win.) Among other things, my life has been improved by a new computer, a serious drive to stay true to my New Years' resolutions (so far successful), some much-needed and appreciated quality time with a kind representative of The Goddess, rooftop practice sessions with a new manriki gusari, some serious original comics art that is on its way, and a night out with some good friends who live far enough away to make regular visits a logistical pain in the ass, so it's all good.

I'm going to make like Geek in SURF'S UP and ride this wave of positivity, fully embracing its energy with a zen, one-with-it-all acceptance and serenity. I hereby surrender to whatever good fortune the fates have in store for me. What can I say? I'm groovin' on some of the best vibes the universe has sent my way in who can remember when, and I hope my aura reaches out and shares itself with all who are receptive. It wasn't so long ago when booze and other substances put me in a chemically induced version of this frame of mind, but this is the pure stuff and I like it just fine, baby. (No, I have not embarked on a twelve-step program; I'm just in a good place at the moment.)

And with that, I'm off to a weekend of getting my blogging shit together. Have a good weekend and take good care of yourselves, o my friends on the Internet whom I know in actuality and those whom I'll likely never meet. And if you have a steady squeeze, hold them close and love them ferociously.

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Satyrblade said...

*enjoys the mental image of you spinning a ninja chain weapon around on a New York rooftop*