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Friday, October 09, 2009


Tarzan and Jane: one of the movies' great couples.

The best Tarzan movie ever made, 1934's TARZAN AND HIS MATE, is playing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, aka BAM, this Sunday at 2PM and 6:50PM and I cannot urge you strongly enough to see it. I've already written about it and its predecessor at length and that piece can be found here, but let it suffice to say that this pre-Hays Code masterpiece features amounts of sex and violence you would never have expected from a film of its era. We ran it during a now infamous Saturday afternoon during my days at the barbecue joint and unintentionally scandalized the patrons who were telling their young kids about how mom and dad grew up watching the wholesome thrills of Tarzan movies on Channel 5 back in the days, but none of them had ever seen the uncut version of TARZAN AND HIS MATE, and believe me when I say the flick's a major eye-opener. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

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