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Friday, May 04, 2007


I just attempted to get tickets for myself and Jessica to see SPIDER-MAN 3 at an 8:30 show, but since there were no over the phone sales I arrived at the designated theater at 7PM to find a crowd straight out of a SOYLENT GREEN street scene and every single show — including the ones at 1AM and 3:30AM — had sold out through late tomorrow night. No joke, the crowd was so dense that there were police cars in attendance to control the dissappointed masses who had to be turned away. So while I waited for Jess to show up I just watched the crowd that exited the show just letting out.

I noticed the crowd bore the same listless look as those who exited STAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH on opening day, not one of them excited or discussing the movie. Then a group of about nine Brooklyn white kids walked out and actively attempted to dissuade people from seeing the film. Curious, I asked them for specific issues, and they passionately responded with,"Peter spends the first hour-and-a-half crying and shit, and there's too much stuff about MJ, but the biggest thing is that he's a big pussy!!!" "Yeah," chimed in the tallest of the lot, "Seriously, bro, it was a total piece o' shit. Not even worth it on DVD, man."

Hey, I'm gonna go either way, but when a bunch of twelve-year-olds, theoretically the ideal audience for this kind of stuff, tells you it sucks, that's NOT a good omen...


Red Stapler said...

Scott and I saw it yesterday.

I bought the tickets on Fandango, which means it was extra expensive.

I want my $25 back.


Anonymous said...

Steve-I can't imagine what you are going through now that you have probably seen SM3 by now. Keith and I saw it on Saturday-some scenes harkened back in my mind to, well, can anyone say 'Batman Beyond'?? By the end of the movie, the entire audience was basically moaning, groaning and laughing our heads off at the shear stupidity of it all.
Oh, the humanity!!