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Thursday, May 10, 2007


The charming rogue you see ogling Tracey the Waitress Goddess is Jimmy Palmiotti, one of the comics biz's more involved multi-taskers, and an old friend thanks to his conection to my longtime pal Amanda Conner (lucky bastard). What with him inking, writing and developing more projects than I can presently name, I have no idea when the fucking guy finds time to sleep, eat, or even make a big doody, and I have to admire his crazed work ethic. And allow me to recommend the two currently-available collected volumes of his co-writing run on the revived JONAH HEX from DC, one of the .02 Westerns out there, and since it features the most nihilistic, disfigured, bounty-huntin' badass ever to grace the comics page, what's not to like? (Well, to be honest, sometimes the art, but that ain't Jimmy's fault, and all is forgivable when you get the occasional issue drawn by Jordi Bernet).

One of Jimmy's current projects is the SciFi Channel's original series PAINKILLER JANE, based on a comic series he co-created with Amanda a while back, and you can read his behind-the-scenes blog about the endeavour at and while you're at it, take time to note that he was kind enough to show some love for the Vault of Buncheness at the end of the post, appropos of nothing whatsoever to do with his show, just an earnest steering of the innocent to this morass of internet filth and bad taste.

Thanks, Jimmy, and I love your glamour-boy publicity shot! (see below)

Is it just me, or does he look like Vncent D'Onofrio?

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, painkiller jane is seriously bad. i caught a few episodes out of chance hitting the rack over the course of a few weeks. Bad acting, bad plot, bad ideas, unoriginal, yada, yada. Not a single redeeming quality whatsoever. No offense to your bro'. I am very jealous of anyone involved in a jonah hex project. At least he's in the industry and succeeding.