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Saturday, September 26, 2009


My dear Vaulties, do not walk. RUN to your local comics shop and pick up Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's BEASTS OF BURDEN #1 immediately! It's a top notch effort in every respect and you simply must read it. If you know anything about comics since 1991 you know both Dorkin and Thompson have proven time and again that they can deliver the goods, and here their talents create nothing short of lightning in a bottle. And how's this for a loopy hook of a concept: the protagonists are a bunch of house pets, dogs and cats, who are paranormal investigators/problem solvers in the town of Burden Hill. Much like both the book and movie of WATERSHIP DOWN, I totally bought everything about the anthropomorphized critters and their world, and even though we may see and live with them every day, capturing the nuanced moods and movements of dogs and cats is not something lightly undertaken, but Thompson has it nailed down tight. Here are some examples of what I'm going on about:

Stunning, right? It's just so much fun that I wanna reach out and kiss somebody. Apparently there have been four previous short stories featuring some of the characters and I am now on a mission to find and read each one.

No bullshit, you've gotta check this one out. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

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Ty said...

I'm sure you got it covered but they appeared in the Dark Horse anthologies from 2-3 years ago (Book of Witches, Hauntings, Ghosts, Monsters).
May have to post up and "browse" at the racks or maybe it is online with the DH/Myspace co-op? Buon Fortuna, and I concur it is some top shelf 4 color goodness.