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Monday, September 14, 2009


Perhaps the ultimate expression of southern geek pride.

Sorry for the delay in getting this voluminous gallery posted here on the Vault, but I've been very busy with work and other stuff, but now it's on! There's so much stuff to put up that I'm going to run it for several days, so get ready for the avalanche of outright geekery, straight from Dragon Con 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia!

-Yer Bunche

"I'm with the press."

A gathering of champions.


Tank Girl and friend.

Best SOUTH PARK costume ever!
One of many Harley Quinns.

Veteran inker Rodney Ramos lays down the law.

Just so you're clear on this.

Jimmy Palmiotti sketches Jonah Hex for a fan.

Amanda Conner and Michael Golden.

Yer Bunche and fellow madman Darwyn (SELINA'S BIG SCORE) Cooke.

POWER GIRL artist Amanda Conner says,"If Power Girl were real, she'd use a Vinnie's Tampon Case!"

A pair of Leeloos from THE FIFTH ELEMENT. I guess that movie struck a chord with female geeks because I've seen the number of chix in Leeloo getups increase year by year.

Jimmy Palmiotti sketches a devil-girl.

Watching these two navigate down the stairs was quite an education.

Is this the ultimate geeky couple's costume?

The Green Lantern squares off against the Emerald Empress. According to the Empress, she had the Emerald Eye of Ekron but it popped. Bummer.

Axl Rose represents.

Super-chix with attitude.

Monty Python fans represent: the Bruces, just in from the University of Woolamaloo.

The only way to improve on this shot of the Nostromo crew... to have this guy walk by, having nothing to do with the group. It's convention serendipity.

The Black Canary, old school.

The Black Canary, new school.

Doctor Who, Tom Baker era (1974-1981).

Doctor Who, David Tennant era (2005-2010).

SPACEBALLS may suck ass, but I will always love Barf. Hell, I like him better than Chewbacca, which is ironic since Barf's a parody of Chewie.

My very favorite of the con's many Poison Ivys.

Work it Yvonne Craig-style, girl!

The most realistic Batman ever.

This one speaks for itself. Brava, lady!

Can you imagine if Pam Grier had played Princess Leia? STAR WARS would have been a whole different ballgame!

This Superman came in all the way from England. I would have loved to have been there to see the customs inspector's reaction to his gear.

The 1940's Silk Spectre.

"Bunny Sees Boobs." At last, a sculpture that speaks to me!

The Flaming Carrot.

The Flaming Carrot and his creator, ace of weirdoes Bob Burden (and I mean that respectfully).

Bob Burden's shocking exhibit of intriguing crypto-zoology evidence: a sweet potato bearing the actual footprint of a Chupacabra! NOTE: for those who don't remember, the Chupacabra, or "Goat-Sucker," was a monster that was first sighted in the early 1990's. I have no idea where Burden's spelling of its name came from, but the version ending in the letter "a" is the common spelling.

A placard alerting the public to this baleful menace.

Yer Bunche stands transfixed by the horrific evidence in hand.

Behold! The footprint of the elusive and deadly Chupacabra.

Yer Bunche with Bob Burden.



Temmere said...

But then who would play the black Luke Skywalker?

Bunche (pop culture ronin) said...

Knowing how Hollywood thinks, I'm betting on Chris Tucker.