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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The epic chronicle of America's most fun convention/people-watching Mecca continues!

The zaftig Sabrina represents on behalf of Power Girl.

Yer Bunche and Sabrina.

Smokin' and suckin' down a brewski with Buddy Christ.

Am I fucked in the head for imagining all manner of fun that could be had with Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, and a couple of tumblers of good Scotch?

Exactly what the hell are those tentacle thingies on this race of STAR WARS aliens? A prehensile scalp?

The Red Skull gloats while he can.

About fifteen seconds after I took this shot, both of these guys were anally violated and then torn in half by a white gorilla with a horn protruding from its forehead. Oh, well. That's what you get for donning a TOS red shirt...

The rage of the Red Lantern.

It's not just a slogan, it's a way of life.

An impressive and statuesque Rachel Summers.

Ra's Al-Ghul represents.

R2-D2, cruisin' for some socket.

The Question and Batwoman, DC's top lesbian crimefighters.

Princess Mononoke prowls.

Eat your hearts out, Disney Princesses. Fiona's in da house!

A jaw-droppingly toothsome Power Girl poses with an Amanda Conner print of herself.

Yer Bunche with P.G.

Two outstanding 1950's INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS pod people, easily my favorite costumes at the show. Totally original.

A family of Peter Pan boosters.

An excellent Green Arrow.

An even more excellent Hawkeye. A solid 10 out of 10.

If anything good came out of the popularity of the recent STAR TREK reboot movie, it's the return of folks representing for The Original Series. (Although I can do without the new P.C. version of those porno-fantasy Orion green chicks.)

"Dolly Death Star," one of the con's most original and show-stopping costumes.

Rogue, thankfully not rocking that stupid bomber jacket.

A Federation officer and Princess Ariel? Hey, I live in New York City, so I see weirder couples than this just by going out for a paper.

ELFQUEST is my all-time favorite comics series (but only when drawn by co-creator Wendy Pini) and despite three decades of convention-going, I never expected to see someone pull off one of the ELFQUEST elves anywhere near as well as this petite lovely did. And not only that, she's representing as my favorite of the Wolfriders, namely Nightfall. (Damn, I wish this had been in better focus!)

Nightfall as seen from the back. This was a perfect 10 out of a possible 10, even if she didn't have the character's signature bow, and the only way she could have ruled more was if she rode in on an actual wolf. Well done, lady!

"Neapolitan Napoleon." Subtle and brilliant.

The sight of this one stopped me in tracks.

This bargain basement Sub-Mariner was a riot...

...and he scores points for his fantastically cheesy ankle-wings.

A sentiment voiced in comics shops across the nation.

Mystique, a la the comics and not a nekkid Rebcca Romijn.


An excellent Ming the Merciless.

It's the Melanin Force!

With my old friend Marrus. Goddammit, why did she have to move away from the Big Apple?

Max, wondering where the fuck the Wild Things are.

Superman and two of his competitors.

When it comes to the old school superheroes, I side with the Marvel Family every time!

A magnetic Lorna Dane.

Turning female was the best thing that's happened to Loki in decades!

Deadpool and Loki both work so much better when portrayed by women!

The ageless villainy of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA's Lo Pan.

Lo Pan and bride.

Old school Leatherface gets ready to knock out the evening's main course.

A charming leather faerie. Ain't she cute?

Lady Death and Mister Sinister. Sweet jumpin' Jesus in a basket of chicken...

K-9 prowls for R2's sloppy seconds.

The John Byrne reboot version of Jor-El. Very nice!

A very toothsome Jessica Rabbit. What I wouldn't give to see Sukihoshi in this getup...Yowza!

As I photographed this Iron Man, some dumbass walked by and said to her kid, "Look, honey. A robot!"
Hunter S. Thompson once more walked among us and I, for one, was glad of that.

Bird-Girl and Tank Girl.

An amusing Homer and Marge, but points are subtracted for Marge not rocking a two and a half-foot tall blue syrofoam hairdo.

A.C. and a tall Black Canary.

An intriguing mashup of geekish and Scottish culture.

A.C. and one of her many adoring fans. (NOTE: ladies, sailor hats on chicks are hot. Remember that!)

The upcoming Johnny Depp Mad Hatter and a young Jedi.

The best Jedi Mind Trick ever — double click to read her shirt — but such techniques don't work on the likes of Yer Bunche.



Satyrblade said...

I SO enjoy the fact that you can now see folks rocking comic-book hero/ heroine costumes who actually have comic-book hero/ heroine builds to go with them! Remember when the SF/ fantasy world was relegated to nerds who were either too fat or too skinny to be considered attracive by another other than fellow nerds (if even then)? No more! And there was much rejoicing.

(I'd forgotten that you knew Marrus. I'll be catching up with her in November when I hit NOLA for our friend Ann's wedding.)

Unknown said...

Love the pics! One of these years...

Anonymous said...

Here's a shot of Nightfall from ElfQuest...

Anonymous said...

Here is the creator of your Dragon*Con Nightfall...

Anonymous said...

Um the last picture of that girl needs to wash her shirt. Clearly its not washed and you can tell! Gross.