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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


One of the fun things about the occasional cleaning and organizing that takes place here in the depths of The Vault is coming across items I'd forgotten or long thought lost. While going through some books that ended up relegated to a box for storage, I re-discovered the following newspaper article from what I think was 1991 (double-click on it to see it large). It's the only non-posthumous article chronicling the adventures of rock 'n' roll lunatic GG Allin — the wunderkind lyricist behind "I Wanna Piss On You" and other like classics — that I remember seeing when it was published, and it adorned my workspace in the Marvel Bullpen for years. I'm not certain, but I think it ran in the New York Post, which would make sense because that paper has been the acme of NYC crap journalism and sensationalistic content for roughly the past thirty years, so an item about a guy eating his own shit on stage during a live performance was kind of par for the course.

And for those who care, the cassette album cited in the piece is actually entitled "Hated in the Nation," not "Hate is in the Nation." But what the hey? Who needs fact-checking when you've got a story about a dude whose act is described by an Orlando, Fla. police sergeant as "one of the most immoral and disgusting things that I have had to deal with?" Which reminds me: why was a NYC paper covering something so minor that happened n Florida? Must have been a slow day in the newsroom...


Scott Koblish said...

Amazing to think his daughter will be 24 next month.

John Bligh said...

The best part is that photo was from a good 6 or 7 years earlier... By the time he got out of jail, the years of abuse had taken their toll... GG was a puffy, wasted load by then!