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Monday, October 25, 2021

31 DAYS OF HORROR 2021 -Day 25: PSYCHO GOREMAN (2020)

"The horrors you've just witnessed cannot be unseen. Your young minds will carry this until it consumes your miserable death."


Siblings Luke (Owen Myre) and Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna) exist in a relationship where Mimi, a truly horrible and awful child, totally dominates her milquetoast older brother, constantly bullying him, both physically and emotionally. Things get immeasurably worse when the kids unearth and unleash and ancient evil upon the world when they discover the prison of a terrifying monster in their backyard. The utterly malevolent creature (body-acted by Steven Vlahos, voice-acted by Matt Ninaber) is a Lovecraftian entity of immense cosmic power who was imprisoned millennia ago by cosmic being of similar power after he annihilated whole planets in his campaign for universal destruction. 

                                                                An ancient cosmic evil awakens.

The being, however, finds himself under the control of the awful Mimi, due to her possessing the gem that held the imprisoned monster in the first place, a state he does not like at all, and the already power-mad little girl wastes zero time in subjugating the monster to her will as her complete and utter helpless bitch. Mimi dubs the creature "Psycho Goreman" ("P.G." for short) and from there her every whim is heeded by the beast in her thrall, including escalating the bullying of her brother to potentially lethal levels,  getting Psycho Goreman to make the boy she's crushing on "less of a doink" (which works but does not go as expected), making the creature play drums in her self-aggrandizing garage band (their one song is about how great Mimi is, sung, of course, by her), all while barely, just barely, preventing P.G. from killing everyone he encounters. (But not always; there are several who meet gory, agonizing demises at the hands of P.G.) But once reawakened, PSYCHO GOREMAN's resurrection does not go unnoticed by the entities that imprisoned him ages ago, and it's only a matter of time until Earth becomes the final battleground for the fate of the entire universe. But if you think Mimi's going to relinquish the gem and, therefore, her unbridled power, you've got another think coming...

                      The utter indignity of being enslaved by a horrible elementary-schooler. 

I saw PSYCHO GOREMAN several months back but held off discussion of it so I could cover it for this year's round of 31 DAYS OF HORROR. As should be obvious from the synopsis, it's basically a piss take on E.T., only with the fantastical creature being a thing of blackest cosmic evil and the child protagonist being the worst possible human being. In fact, I dare say she's worse than the monster.

  The irredeemable awfulness that is Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna).

Seriously, Mimi is almost unbearable to watch, and most viewers will likely only keep watching the movie just to find out what happens with Psycho Goreman. Seriously, she is a horrible little cunt from start tio finish, and I kept hoping that P.G. would suddenly break free of her tyranny and tear her head from her neck, no matter if his freedom ensured the destruction of reality as we know it. Yeah, she's that kind of awful, and young Nita-Josee Hanna is to be commended for making her so repellent.

But with all of that said, PSYCHO GOREMAN is first and foremost a comedy, and it's really very damned funny, even downright hilarious in some parts. Mimi's family is a mess, what with her brother being an utter pussy, and her mom a fed-up endurer of her marriage to her shameless and useless slacker of a husband, but much humor is mined from their towering dysfunction. The parents, especially, become hilarious during the final third, when the fate of the universe is in the balance, but neither can get past there comparatively insignificant issues with each other, even when one is granted cosmic power to aid in the defeat of P.G. All of this is liberally seasoned with lots of over-the-top blood and gore, and it's never not funny. 

Rib-tickling comedy at its finest. Seriously, E.T. would only have been improved by the inclusion of this sort of gag.

So, yeah, I highly recommend PSYCHO GOREMAN, and I'd even say it's suitable for your kids, provided they can handle its considerable blood and guts. And I do mean considerable!

Poster from the theatrical release.

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