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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One thing that I always found fascinating about reader's letters and submissions to either Marvel or DC is how sometimes the items sent in would have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with comics. We'd get letters from people with all manner of personal issues that they would not hesitate to share with the total strangers they sent their missives to, and every now and then we'd receive a stream of letters from individuals who seemed more than a little bit unhinged. What follows is what I long ago dubbed "The Persecution Chronicles," a series of detailed accounts relating one man's perceived hounding by "the Persecutors." Several of this guy's letters were received by Marvel, but then one day they just stopped, presumably because the writer (whose name has been omitted) was finally taken away and given the psychiatric attention that he so clearly needed. Anyway, here's a first-hand look into one man's very deep paranoia.


Jim Browski said...

I'm not alone! Someone else knows about The Persecutors!

John Bligh said...

Reminds me of Crumb's brother's comics when he started to lose his mind.

Bobby "the Blue" said...

OMG! The paranoia!