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Sunday, March 07, 2010


UP, my favorite film that I saw in the theater in 2009, just won the Best Animated Picture Oscar, but that comes as zero surprise because it was hands down the best animated film of that year. The fact that it was nominated for a straight Best Picture Oscar was the Academy's way of throwing it a bone in acknowledgment of its worthiness of that honor, rather than merely being ghettoized among the cartoons. If a film's narrative and overall execution is sound enough, than the film in question should be eligible for a straight Best Picture win no matter if it's animated, live-action or starring a fucking talking, cum-encrusted sock. UP was excellent and deserves better than a token five-knuckle shuffle. ABOLISH THE "BEST ANIMATED" CATEGORY NOW!!!

1 comment:

Mark Kardwell said...

It is great, but CORALINE has stayed in my head longer.