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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


This one's from the early 1990's, just after Marvel raised the cover price on their comics. I particularly love the itemized list of books the guy will no longer be purchasing:

NOTE: this post originally included a memorable illustrated "Fuck you" that came from a fan who'd made the switch to Image Comics, but not before taking the time to illustrate an orgy starring the seriously underage members of Power Pack and some of the grownup X-Men gals and Sam "Cannonball" Guthrie. While I personally considered it an amusing piece of fan protest, I nonetheless had a bit of trepidation over running it and as a result I asked, "To all legal experts out there who may be reading this: does running this count as kiddie porn? I'm hoping that the shoddy quality of the the art and the obvious satirical intent will negate that odious definition." Well, early reader ChrisV82 wrote in to direct me to an entry on Wikipedia and after reading what it had to say on the perception of exactly what does or does not constitute child pornography as defined by United States law, specifically as applied to cartoon representations of such, I decided to err on the side of not having my ass prosecuted for the distribution of kiddie porn and removed the potentially-inflammatory image after it was up for less than ninety minutes. Sorry to disappoint you, dear Vaulties, but I think you can forgive me for this particular instance of pussying out.

With that said, the illustration is question was very crudely crafted, including some shaky-handed tracing of the grownup female characters in order to make up for the sender's clearly non-existent skill at drawing hot chicks. The Power Pack kids (and Franklin Richards) cavorting with them were so badly drawn that it required some effort on the part of the viewer to fully perceive what was going on, and the whole mess ended up looking like it was scrawled during social studies class by a bored and very naughty seventh-grader. Nonetheless, It's probably in my own best interests not to run it. Thanks for the tip, ChrisV82.


ChrisV82 said...

Why was that guy in the first letter buying two of everything? He's probably one of those "collectors" that has a lot of bargain bin "keepsake" issues.

My favorite quote from the letter: "I will still buy comics but only Dark Horse and other independents that are much better written but I must say not as well drawn." I like that he had to concede a positive to Marvel.

As for your cartoon porn, I would direct you to this article -

Mindlesskirby said...

wow, that guy has the EXACT same handwriting as me. Except mine might be a little bit worse