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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Ever since I was a kid I've read the characters in comics with accents appropriate to where they're supposed to be from, whether that accent is indicated in the script or not, so this Spider-Man versus Wolverine submission plays right into my "hearing" Spidey speaking with a Queens accent. Plus, what's not to love about a superhero fight breaking out for no reason whatsoever, something the characters even acknowledge in this instance?

Sadly, the artist only sent in these three pages. I coulda read a whole issue o' dis here stuff!


likethegum said...

"C'mon, Wolveraine, we gotta foind Docta Doom's hoide-out!"

I prefer to think of Spidey (who's from Forest Hills, mind you) sounding either like Joey Ramone or like Peter Zaremba, depending on the storyline.

Bunche (pop culture ronin) said...

Given the choice of Joey Ramone or Pete Zaremba as the voice of Peter Parker, I'd go with Zaremba. And wouldn't you kill to hear Spider-Man sing either "The Girl from Baltimore" or "American Beat '84?"

Satyrblade said...

*insert Joey Ramone whine here*

"Spider-mahn, Spider-mahn,
Fhrendly nehbahood Spider-mahn...

(This morning's capchua: "spoolie.")