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Sunday, October 16, 2011


(Written around 2AM)

Dear Vaulties-

There will be no 31 DAYS OF HORROR or any updates in the NY Comic Con today for the following reasons:
  • I went to Day 3 of the con operating on maybe three hours of sleep due to being totally jazzed-up, so I am fucking exhausted, a condition not at all helped by unexpectedly heading off the pub to guzzle a few with friends and comics biz loons (that damned Suzi can coerce me into anything), some of whom came in from the U.K.
  • Due to the lateness of the hour and my (quite reasonable) level of Guinness-induced loopiness, I just don't have the wherewithal to sort through and tighten-up the majority of the day's 170 con pics — and there are some very good ones — or write the day's installment of the horror movie stuff. I'm just too damned tired.
  • My wireless signal has been for shit, so it takes a loooooooong time to upload.
Regarding the horror stuff, I'll post in the wee hours of tomorrow (Monday) morning, by which time I hope to have gone through the Day 3 con pics (and Day 2) and have them annotated and posted. Until then, here are two of my favorite moments from Day 3:

A record of my summit meeting with "Harvey Van Toast, the topless paparazzo."

A character I did not expect to see at all, much less done so well: the 1970's Black Orchid. And she was tall, too!


Acroyear said...

That's certainly a costume you don't see everyday. Not even at the other big conventions. She did one hell of a job on it.

I wonder how many people didn't get who she was?

Bobby "the Blue" said...

A lot of fun. How long before NYCC becomes the biggest Con in teh US?

DJ SPider said...

*waves* Hi! that was me as Black Orchid - thanks for getting a picture of it (I'm notorious for not taking pix myself before I leave the hotel). I was actually super happy at how many people recognized the character, including one woman who had a fabulous story of trading church on Sundays with her Grandma with visits to the comic shop where she always bought the latest issue of Adventure Comics featuring Black Orchid, and she was beyond thrilled to see me. Glad you had fun at NYCC!