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Friday, October 21, 2011


And finally, here we have the record of Day 4, in which I was one initially-hungover and exhausted puppy (it got better). Anyway, here we go:

The day got off to a surreal start as I dragged my hungover ass back to the Javits Center and the first thing I encountered was an accordion-playing Boba Fett doing a great rendition of Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme.

Again with my girls, Ashley and Amber. They make me feel good.

There's just something I love about cardboard robots with lights and tubing for limbs. It's just so...pure. Unless it's Sex Robot from THE WHITEST KIDS U KNOW. (special thanks to Gilsonic for the indent)

The dashing Tuxedo Mask.

The Doctor blasts me with his sonic screwdriver.

Superman: Red Son.

Mega-Man, chillin' on a bench.

She built this by hand from fiberglass. Well done!

Lia Brown, gal reporter and fellow '90's Marvel alumnus.

Amanda Conner sketches for her fans. Note the size of the line; that went on unabated for hours.

Catwoman in progress.

I love the incongruous grouping on this one: Maleficent, Olive Oyl, and Bluto. It's like the con was a four-day rift in space and time that allowed all fictional universes tourist access to our reality.

I'm fascinated by just how popular cosplaying from THE FIFTH ELEMENT has become in recent years. Extra points for black Leeloo!

A gaggle of Asgardian babe-itude: (L-R) Loki, the Enchantress, movie Loki, Loki, and Thor (kneeling).

Again the gods bring my daydreams to life and there's naught that I could about it...

The best of the show's many Ms. Marvels, another character I'm surprised to see cosplayed with considerable frequency.

Silent Bob and Jay.

"Spread my cheeks, so he can see the fucking stink nuggets!"

My dear friend Stephanie and her son, Kodiak (rockin' a kickass hat).

The inimitable and refreshingly irascible Rick Parker.

The most excellent Simon Fraser, co-creator and artist of the last truly great long-running 2000 A.D. strip, NIKOLAI DANTE.

An outstanding Mera, with a sketch of the character done at the con by Ivan Reis.

A.C. sketches Psylocke.

NOTE: It was around this time when I decided against covering any more panels because the leg I injured while tripping over a power cord the previous day made walking rather painful, so I pretty much stuck by A.C.'s booth for the remainder of the day.

Number Six wanders by the table.

An excellent Iron Fist.

Edward Douglas, a friend since my high school days whom I often encounter at cons. Good to see him again!

Three views of the Rocketeer.

A.C.'s sketch of the Emma Frost, aka the White Queen.

Zatanna represents.

A.C. adds Power Girl to a fan's board of characters.

Model/Actress Zoe La Bella poses with the A.C.-drawn book cover that features her likeness and, er, cartoon "enhancements."

A.C. and Zoe La Bella.

Harley Quinn with bomb.

A.C. sketches Poison Ivy for a fan.

Note how pleased the fan who commissioned the sketch is.

Three A.C. fans.

A certain resemblance to A.C.'s version of Catwoman is noted.

A.C. meets and greets.

Jimmy meets the media.

A selection of some of A.C.s prints.

I love the '60's design aesthetic on the logo and its placement.

From start to finish: Amanda draws Power Girl for a longtime fan.

Voila! The finished piece.

Another ultra-pleased fan with his newly-minted piece of original art.

And the moment the Power Girl piece was done, it was time for a media interview. Ah, popularity...

A father and son Power Man and Iron Fist team.
Simply put, the best old school Luke Cage/Power Man I have ever seen at a con.

With closing time fast approaching, A.C. sketches the Black Canary for a fan.

Note the white highlights around the Canary's gloves so the viewer can clearly see the black gloves as separate from the equally black suit.

The finished piece.

The finished piece and the happy fan: the perfect coda to an epic, marathon convention.

On the way back to the real world. Though completely exhausted, I always get a bit wistful at the end of this con...

While on the way out I encountered SOUTH PARK's resident supers: (L-R) The Coon, Mysterion, and Professor Chaos.

A.C., Jimmy, and Joanne, as respectfully saluted by Jay.

And, lo, the Lord did see the geekness, and did grin.

EPILOGUE: My haul from the four-day geek safari. Lotsa good shit!


Acroyear said...

Looks like you are adding some great stuff to your hoard. Shogun Assassin, a Shaw Brothers collection, Buck Rogers strips, a 52 Sucks t-shirt and much, much more.

I respect your taste good sir. You are truly a renaissance man of the finest kind.

Hellbilly said...

Thanks for sharing the great pics of the NY Con. I can never get enough of cosplay and sketch photos. Amanda Conner's sketching is flat-out amazing - I hope she makes an appearance at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con some time.