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Thursday, October 20, 2011


On to Day 3!

The 1970's Ms. Marvel.

A terrific Golden Age Flash, my favorite of the speedster heroes.

Amanda Conner sketches Alice and the Cheshire Cat.

Jimmy Pamiotti sketches Frank Castle, aka the Punisher.

The Juggernaut.

Han Pan, the ne plus ultra of Harley Quinn cosplayers. Accept no substitutes!

The awesome gayness of the Geeks Out organization. I wanted one of the adult-sized capes but they only had kiddie-sized.

The Paul Smith design for rogue.

The Phoenix and Wolverine.

She-Ra, Princess of Power.

The Beast and Shadowcat.

What's not to love about this?

I love the infinite interpretations of Wonder Woman found at the cons. And Storm's awesome too.

One of the Technicians from TRON: LETHARGY, er, LEGACY.

The Riddler and Zatanna.

Dance belts are apparently not required.

Ah, there's nothing like being surrounded by one's people...

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM's classic noble enemy, Char Aznable.

A.C. sketches Zatanna.

Gambit and Rogue. (Gambit's card lit up.)

The very best of the weekend's many Thors.

Ambush Bug.

After being absent too long from conventions, the welcome return of Xena!

The Gree Hornet and Kato.

Alpha Flight represents.

The perfect (and totally ridiculous) fusion of two wholly disparate genres.


Ron Burgundy. "Stay classy, NY Comic Con."

The show's best Poison Ivy, with Harley Quinn.

TOS in da house!!!

Over the course of two days, this brutha represented as Spade from the Royal Flush Gang, a Red Lantern (as seen here), and the Black Panther. An impressive effort.

Best romantic cosplay of the show: Nova and Gamora.

Gotta love Nova's working lights!

The Adam West Batman. This guy is a fixture at East Coast cons and he just plain rules.


This is a fight I would love to see. Did they ever throw down in the comics?

What would a con be without Pedo Bear?

One of several Princess Mononokes.

An A.C. sketch of Jimmy Olsen, as done for a fan.

The artist at work.

An adorable Fire and Ice from the Justice League.

My girls Ashley (L) and Amber (R).

Ashley tries out my X-ray spex. (I know she was lookin' at my ass 'cause I felt it getting hot.)

Dark Mary Marvel.

(L-R) Link, Silver Age Green lantern, Golden Age Green Lantern. I love when families get together to represent in the name of geekiness.

Ms. Martian and Arsenal.

Cartooning chix on the loose: Amanda Conner and the legendary Mary Wilshire.

Me and former Bullpen colleague/boss Dawn Guzzo.

The one and only Jared Osborn, old college friend and '90's Marvel Bullpen brother, in town from his mountain lair.

Keith Williams and Jared.

I forget the Hispanic hero's name, but the other two are Poison Ivy and Parallax.

Alphonse Elric from FULL METAL ALCHEMIST.


Aquaman summons marine life to aid him...

...and somehow gets Olliver Kirby.

Olliver's handy comics-carrying innovation: a re-purposed Special K box.

Buzz draws Adam Strange for a fan.

Some attendees take a breather.

Russ Braun chats with a fan.

Themiscyra-garb Wonder Woman.

The one and only Jill "Nerdy Bird" Pantozzi.

A role-reversed live version of Amanda Conner's classic wedding of Black Canary and the Green Arrow. Not the arrow glued to her bum.

One of the Top 5 best costumes of the entire weekend: an outstanding 1970's Black Orchid.

The Lumerman clan: geeks all.

Power Girl and Superman.

The always super-crowded tunnel connecting Artists Alley and the main showrooms.

An excellent Randy Savage. The guy totally nailed the voice and mannerisms.

My favorite of the show's several Princess Mononokes.

I may hate the cartoon — and I totally do — but this is an excellent Master Shake costume.

The best of the show's Black Adams. The guy was totally in character when I spoke with him and we engaged in an hilarious back-and-forth where he berated me for even daring to approach him for a photo. I of course responded with the appropriate "my liege, forgive this craven peon" and suchlike. He was great.

The second rocking of "the Amazing Bag-Man."

Grute Skullbasher (Benjamin Chadwick), co-author of the highly recommended BARBARIANS: A HANDBOOK FOR ASPIRING SAVAGES. While reading the book on the subway, I was laughing my ass off.

Grute and I display our "metal faces."

I have no idea what a suit, a balisong knife and a Sailor Moon mask add up to represent. Do any of you? If so, please leave an explanation in the comments section.

Documentary filmmaker and friend Ian Fischer, deep in the tumult.

An old school Marvel fan represents.

A live tattoo demo.

Me and Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS). We hadn't seen each other since my Vertigo days and neither of us recognized the other at first.

A Dalek and the welcome retun of the most bizarre and unexplained cosplayer I have ever seen, "Kitty Kitty." I last saw Kitty Kitty at the Philly Con a few months back and was completely gobsmacked by his utter strangeness. The dude is awesome, and he liked my gorilla suit jacket.

Ye olde school Dr. Octopus.

An excellent gathering of DC characters. I first saw that Wonder Woman at the Philly con a few months back and I think she's fantastic.

I believe that's a pack of Rollerballers from the remake movie, and that's obviously the Golden Age Flash with them.

With Harvey Van Toast, the topless paparazzo.

An excellent Bullseye.

Fuck Sam jackson, THIS is the Nick Fury I grew up with!

Some of my favorite people on the planet. (L-R) Russ Braun, Rob Steen, and Jill Freshney.

The '90's Marvel Bullpen represents: me and Darren Auck.

'90's Marvel Bullpen brother Michael Kraiger and his daughter, Maeve.

Former Marvel Comics colleague Renee Witterstaetter and artist Mark Texiera.

My dear pal Suzi, chatting with Russ (who happens to be one of our favorite drinking buddies).

A fan rocks an excellent GOLGO 13 shirt. I want one!

Al Ewing, author of 2000 A.D.'s hilarious ZOMBO, with Suzi.

An excellent Phantom of the Paradise, another of the show's Top 5 best costumes (IMHO).

Boltie and the Crimson Bolt from SUPER.

Charlie Brown (actual age).

Asgardians on the escalator.

In the food court.

From WATCHMEN: Owlman. Far more accurate to the comics than the one from the movie version.

The new, panty-less Superman makes his NYC con cosplay debut.

No idea, but I love it.

A.C. adds Power Girl to a fan's board of different characters drawn by different artists.

After the con: the pub trip that resulted in several of us feeling rather ragged on the morning of Day 4. (L-R) Steve Dillon, me, Rob Steen.

With Al (ZOMBO) Ewing. A terrific guy and an equally terrific writer.

My old DC colleague Tony Bedard. I wish he still lived here...

Tony Bedard and Garth Ennis ponder exactly how Supergirl might take care of unwanted invulnerable hair in the bikini area. (Yes, that conversation actually happened.)

Jill and Suzi. My brain just may melt from the combined adorableness.

With Stuart Moore.


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