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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Here are the highlights from Day 2 of this year's big NY show! (And don't forget to click on the pictures to embiggen them.)

Truth writ large.

Part of the Gryffindor contingent.

The lads at the 2000 AD booth. That's some goooooood readin', and by the end of the weekend the sold perhaps 80% of their stock. As a fan of that magazine's comics for thirty years, that made me very happy to see!

Wonder Girl.

No lazy doodlin' there!

In progress: an A.C. Power Girl sketch.

Former Marvel colleague and all-around swell guy, Greg Wright.

The Teen Titans' Raven.

Gotham City square-off: Batgirl vs. Catwoman.

A guy in a transforming Bumblebee outfit attempts the escalator.

Ah, henchmen...

Doctor Strange gestures magically, Bunche gestures metally.

Behold the next generation!

A.C. sketches Kitty Pryde and Lockheed.

A dead-on Spider-Man from the time when he had to borrow an ill-fitting Fantastic Four jumpsuit and had no mask, so he used a paper bag. Yes, that was actually in a story.

The first and best of several women dressed up as the TARDIS. You can't see it from this angle, but she had a working light on top of her head.

One of my favorite characters (provided she's written by Gail Simone): Zinda Blake, aka Lady Blackhawk.

'80's-style Black Canary, Booster Gold, and Speedy.

Red Lantern Bleez.
The best of several Taskmasters.

Cloak and Dagger.

He-Man gets down on a dance game platform.

A marvelously zaftig Wonder Woman.

The Teen Titans' Starfire.

A character I'd never seen cosplayed until now: Icon.

Loki, Hawkeye, and Cap.

An old school gorilla general.

The '90's Marvel Bullpen represents: me and the one, the only, completely excellent Dave Sharpe.

An exceptional Guy Gardner.

Me and my Asian cinema sifu, the incomparable Ric Meyers, the man who is almost single-handedly responsible for setting me on my path of obsession with exploitation films and martial arts movies. For that, I cannot possibly thank him enough.

The A.C. version of Terra. Cute curvy chicks in glasses and superhero suits? Oh, HELL yeah.

Spade, from the Royal Flush gang. (Yes, he was played by a black dude.)

Oh, HELL yes: Big Barda!!!

She was very surprised that anyone recognized who she was, but she did not count on wandering near a signing table where one of NYC's staunchest Barda supporters was situated.

"Go, go, Gadget copter!"

Lunchtime at the food court with two dear old friends, '90's Marvel Bullpen brother Ed Lazellari (the obviously Italian one) and college friend and '90's Marvel Bullpen brother Eddie Murr (the elfin-looking white guy).


It's 3-D Man (look him up)...

...passing around a petition to get Hollywood to make a proper movie about him, and also to get them to stop making bad 3-D movies.

"With a cloud of dust, and a hearty 'Hi-Ho, Silver...'"

Me and the ambulatory genitalia from Vagicons.

A.C. draws Donna Troy.

My friend Charles rocks the floor. He's one of the coolest (and bravest) people I know.

Three of Gotham's Most Wanted encounter two miscreants far worse than themselves, namely my old friends and colleagues Pat Giles and Eddie Murr.

If you ask me, this is a very sly commentary on the GREEN LANTERN movie.

The best Plastic man I've ever encountered. I showed this shot to my mother, a very staunch reader of the character during her childhood/adolescence in the 1940's, and she was delighted at his visual accuracy.

Patty O'Furniture meets Plas.

A rocketeering couple. I love their homemade helmets.

West meets East: Captain America and the Black Widow. (Not that you'd ever know from watching IRON MAN 2, but the Black Widow is Russian.)

She-Hulk, from her days as Ben Grimm's replacement in the Fantastic Four.

Actual costumes from IRON MAN 2.

With Keith Giffen, one of my favorite people in the comics biz.

Two excellent bits of cosplay: The Maestro and Nightcrawler. Outstanding!

My brothers since college, Matt Maley and Eddie Murr, at the booth where Matt was selling his enormous, incredibly-detailed poster.

The poster in question.

And you can even write on it with dry-erase marker!

The artist and his work.

Q reveals his inner geek.

My favorite of the show's many Supergirls rocks the floor. She was adorable.

How this guy stood the heat and humidity in his homemade Hulk suit was beyond me. That's dedication!

I'm not sure what this was about but I totally approve.

Rick Spears and Chuck BB, the creators of the hilarious BLACK METAL, one of the funniest graphic novels I've ever read. It's laugh-out-loud metal humor and volume 2 just came out; I read it and while still quite amusing, the tone becomes a tad more serious as things veer into very epic territory. RECOMMENDED.

An excellent foot-tall figure of Larfleeze.

FUTURAMA's Fry and Dr. Zoidberg.

A fetching Dalek. I'm very pleased to see that the women-as-galaxy-destroying-villains look is catching on in the geekier fashion circles.

My favorite Quail Man of the several seen over the weekend. This guy totally had spirit that lit up the place.

Classy loveliness personified: a Batwoman so exacting that she looks like she walked off the page. Exceptional!

(L-R) Batwoman, Powergirl, and Terra. I think I have to go be alone now...

Seriously, I think my brain just imploded... And for the record, I would gladly sacrifice a limb to see the lady in the middle cosplay Big Barda.

A great Star Sapphire.

Captain Hammer (from DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG) and the Julie Newmar-era Catwoman.

Morpheus, aka Dream, aka The Sandman. Extra points for the helm.

Life imitating art: the Blue Beetle and Booster Gold peruse original art of them by fan-fave JUSTICE LEAGUE artists Kevin Maguire.

Danny Phantom. When in hell is that series coming out on DVD? It was great!

An excellent Dazzler, complete with skates!


ARCHER's Lana Kane and Cyril Figgis.

Me and Olliver put on our metal faces.

A charming Poison Ivy.

A character I never expected to see cosplayed: Killer Moth is on the loose!

The catacombs-like basement level in which the panels took place. The lines were outrageously huge.


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