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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What can you even say about this one? I can't even begin to imagine what Thanksgiving's going to be like at their homes...From The Inquisitr :

Men to face charge after court finds necrophilia is illegal in Wisconsin even when using a condom

Three men accused of trying to dig up a grave in Wisconsin in order to have sex with a dead woman entered not guilty pleas this week.

The twin brothers, Alex and Nicholas Grunke, and Dustin Radke (all pictured) are alleged to have attempted to remove the body of a 20 year-old woman killed a week previously in a motorcycle crash. The three decided on the woman after seeing her photo in an obituary in the local newspaper.

Stranger still perhaps is the legal argument leading to the point. The case in the courts so far hasn’t been whether the three were guilty or not, but whether necrophilia was illegal in Wisconsin or not. A lower court originally found that there was nothing in the state that banned the boys having their way with the corpse, but the State Supreme Court over-ruled that decision in July. The fact that the three brought condoms to the scene to protect themselves was not taken into account by the court.


John Bligh said...

Well, hey.

At least the corpse in question was a hot chick. Anything else might've been weird.

Tell me I'm wrong.


John Bligh said...

...And if you look up "creepy necrophiliac grave robber" in the dictionary, that first kid's picture should be prominently featured.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit if Necrophilia is illegal or not?

I'm thinking Grave Robbery and/or Corpse Desecration is a tad more serious an offense.

Maybe that woman's relatives might be able to think up a few more charges of their own.

They should make the sick little assholes walk around 24/7 with tee shirts that read: I FUCK DEAD PEOPLE

Anonymous said...

This is so disturbing. It killed my buzz...Xtina

Scott Koblish said...

I was tempted to say "Live and let live," but I guess the whole subject revolves around not living...

By the way, it's a lot of work to dig up 6 feet of soil, I think that's why most grave robbers get caught, it takes longer to unearth the dead than they think, take it from a guy who used to dig ditches (for road pipes, not people) for a living.