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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Alex (KINGDOM COME) Ross' take on Barack Obama.

Dear Readers-

I'm discovering that I'm much more wound-up over who's going to be declared President tomorrow than I expected, so I'm not putting up anything else until we get a final result, one way or another. I'm gonna go visit my pal Soren tonight, now that he's been moved to the excellent Rusk institute for his stroke rehabilitation, and after I see him I'm gonna kick down a beer and go to bed. I'm wound-up and exhausted, so I'm starting to crash and burn.

Back tomorrow, no later than lunchtime.

-Yer Bunche


Anonymous said...

He won!

President Obama it is. :)

Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy that Barack won, HOWEVER, I really think Hillary was a better choice. But I will happily take it! And its great that the Dems picked up Senate seats! - Xtina

Jack Ruttan said...

You mean your breath can catch fish?