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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I never saw this particular example of the now more-or-less dead "redneck" comedy genre, but as a lifelong fan of MAD magazine-style mayhem-filled illustrations, how could I not love this poster? Some hillbilly cutie with big tits barely constrained by a tied-off blouse, rockin' a pair of proto-Daisy Dukes (which I remember at the time being called "Daisy Maes" after the blonde rural bombshell from LI'L ABNER) while cracking open a humongous beer as a myriad of characters get up to all sorts of shenanigans around her is an image sure to lure many into the theater/drive-in, even though it's a good bet that the movie's a piece of shit. I was lucky (?) enough to find the one-sheet of this while rummaging through a small mountain of drive-in movie posters during a comic book convention in Pittsburgh five years ago, and the dealer practically paid me to take it off his hands. I got in mint condition for the paltry sum of five bucks. In other words, less than the cost of your average six-pack.

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