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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Esteemed Vault readers-

after considering the possibility of getting laid off from the design 'ho house, I have decided that the best possible employment option for me would probably not be a career in "bear"-oriented DVD pornography, but rather something more in line with my lifelong interest in superheroes. Shit, if a fuckstick like Kyle Rayner can be a superhero, then so can Yer Bunche! So with that in mind, I give you,,,Roadkill-Man!


Anonymous said...

You might want to invest in a domino mask as well to go with that...public indentities for superheroes can be a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you HAVE to have the word black in your superhero name. It's the rules. So you can be Black Roadkill or Black Coyote. The latter sounds kind of badass if you ask me.

eggs mayonnaise said...

A wise choice my friend. I see a book coming from this...and/or possibly a decent Adult Swim show. Sort of a Wolf's Rain meets Ren & Stimpy meets Bagdad Cafe meets Knightriders (1981). Q'PLAH!