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Sunday, October 07, 2018

NY COMIC CON 2018-Day 3

Day 3 of the big show, and the most congested with fans and lookee-lous. I made sure to arrive before the doors opened to the general public, and once I'd settled in at Russ' table (I am there as his assistant for all four days) I waited at the entrance to Artists Alley for the doors to open, so I could capture the massive waves of fans as they made their way in...

 10:02am. The public is let into Artists Alley.

A superb '70's Green Arrow.

Python fans representing: My semi-annual encounter with the same group of Spanish Inquisition cosplayers.

The Bride of Frankenstein.

The charming Leslie from UNNATURAL.

Indiana Jones and the opened Ark of the Covenant.

An ultra-creepy Pennywise the dancing clown.

The Flash's Rogues Gallery.

Detective Chimp.

 With Bullpen brother and fellow metalhead, Dave Sharpe, one of my very favorite human beings. 

Madame Hydra and Havok.

An interesting Star Wars variation.

Hellboy and the Angel of Death.

 The Riddler.

 The best of BREAKING BAD fan represents.

 With the legend that is Keith Giffen and my DC Comics colleague, Jann Jones.


Al and Peggy Bundy.

 My buddy Rene Rosa rocks a t-shirt of one of Toho's most feeble kaiju: King Caesar.

 A superb homemade puppet of Imelda from COCO.

The Squadron Supreme's Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, and Nighthawk.

My umpteenth convention photo with dear friend Amanda Conner.


 Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Hawkeye.

Bullpen brother Julio Herrera, back from Japan, with his unfairly adorable little one, Julie.

 Beware...The Coon!

 The Kingpin, ridding New York City of "a civic menace and perpetual pest."

 Doctor Fate.

Oblina and Krumm.


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