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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BIZARRO SHIT FROM THE '80'S: "WOLFMAN TAP" by Electric Guitars

Time to delve once more into the Vault's crazy record library!

One of the zillions of bizarre one-shots to grace the alternative airwaves back in the days, this 1983 oddity is ostensibly a dance floor record but it eschews the familiar disco and new wave sound to give a breathless audience… (Wait for it!) a tap dance record about a werewolf who’s so psyched to be a lycanthrope that he just can’t help but to channel his inner Savion Glover.


How the fuck does someone even come up with a concept like that? And despite the group’s name there is nary a trace of electric guitar to be found anywhere on this twelve-inch, so the whole thing makes even less sense. A true masterpiece!

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