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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yer Bunche, deeply horrified by what I just witnessed.


as regular readers of this here blog well know, I am in no way averse to posting vile, disgusting and downright disturbing content. Hell, I'm usually downright psyched to share such nastiness with the (mostly) innocent Internet public! But over this past weekend my esteemed colleague Greaseball Johnny, an unimpeachably dedicated researcher into the far extremes of pornography and other questionable areas, alerted me to something truly nasty that I had to investigate as possible Vault fodder. This horrid porno abomination bears the self-explanatory title of CUM FART TSUNAMI, and judging from the packaging image it's exactly what it claims to be, namely "the mother of all anal felching videos."

That's all well and good (?), but when I Googled this feel-good movie and saw the cover image for myself even I had to put my tabi-shod foot down and refuse to run it. It's the kind of image that is in no way "work safe" and could quite easily get you fired on the spot just for looking at it, so whatever you do, don't Google CUM FART TSUNAMI — again, don't Google CUM FART TSUNAMI — while at work unless you have the insane urge to be completely and totally unemployed in this harsh economy. Seriously, once seen you may have second thoughts about ever again eating a glazed doughnut.

Never let it be said that I'm not looking out for your best interests.

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