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Thursday, September 04, 2008


While nearing the finish line in my watching of stuff for THE XENA PROJECT, I realized that Halloween falls on a Friday this year, thereby freeing most folk to run around all night long in costume and not give a flying fuck about going to work the next morning. Stoked by this piece of news, I dusted off my notes for a Fly costume I intended to make two years ago and am now planning to gather the components to craft it over the weekend.

The notes for my long-delayed Fly costume.

This is the first time in while in which I've had enough lead time to make a decent Halloween getup rather than just chuck on a funny hat and improvise, so I want to do it up right. I'm gonna need a couple of large pieces of foam, preferably black, a hot glue gun, a box cutter, some decent shears (I can borrow just the ones I need from the design 'ho house), some black pipe cleaners to simulate fly hair, and a white lab coat, and it's my goal to obtain all of these elements during a shopping excursion into Manhattan on Saturday, hopefully accompanied by a couple of my toothsome lady friends. Trust me, guys, you want to accompany chicks during Halloween costume shopping, a holy mission in which even the dowdiest of office types gears up for the magic day when she can unleash her inner exhibitionist/slut. I have yet to fulfill my dream of getting it on with a fellow Halloween reveler who has decked herself out as any of the following:
  • Supergirl
  • She-Hulk (that one could get messy thanks to the green body paint, but who cares?)
  • Zombie nurse
  • Zombie French maid (or just plain old French maid, for that matter)
  • A skyscraper (provided I was dressed as Godzilla)
  • Vampire biker chick
  • Vampire geisha
  • Half-mummified Cleopatra (it's all about the elaborate headgear, and unraveling bandages revealing skin that smells of Shea butter)
  • Smurfette (a certain Canadian I know is perfect for this one)
  • Red-headed mermaid (she can lose the tail during the main event, but the wig must stay on!)
  • Savage jungle girl (tattered leopard print bikini and spear are required)
  • Hawkgirl (the helmet and winged harness must stay on!)
  • Zombie Marilyn Monroe
  • Pam Grier as seen in THE ARENA
  • A demoness/succubus with calf-length black hair (and maybe a claw necklace)
So I beseech the Halloween spirits to turn some horny costumed goddess loose on Yer Bunche this year, even if her outfit isn't on my list. Hell, I'd even settle for Raggedy Ann!

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Red Stapler said...

I'd try and avoid On-The-Raggedy Anne.