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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Jesus H. Christ, do I miss the days when newspaper ads like this were commonplace:

Just looking at this you knew the movie would completely suck ass, but I'd be willing to bet the audience would have made it worth one's while. Plus Lo (5 FINGERS OF DEATH) Lieh's in it, so at least you get that, and it's in a double-feature with the laughably terrible THE STREET FIGHTER'S LAST REVENGE, by far the worst of the Sonny Chiba STREET FIGHTER trilogy. Bring a couple of six-packs and a like-minded date who enjoys having a hand down her jeans and we're off to the races! (Ah, memories...Brings me back to the Norwalk Theater days of the early Jean-Claude Van Damme movies and a certain fondly-remembered squeeze who dripped like a broken 'fridge when she sat through JCVD's films; I still owe Mr. Van Damme a letter of thanks.)

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