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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Every year I receive a number of seasonal greetings from friends and former colleagues in the comics biz, and 2008 proves to be no exception.

First up comes this terrific Frankenstein by Declan "the Mad Irishman" Shalvey, the illustrator of FRANKENSTEIN: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL. A great bloke and a talented illustrator, I can't wait to see Declan again when next he hauls his ass over here from Ireland, hopefully for February's New York Comicon hoo-haa.

This next one's from Greg Schigiel, a former Marvelite whose then-loose & doodly (and very charming) style has evolved considerably:

Rocking the serious horror, as is their much-appreciated wont, this heart-warming family portrait comes from Mike Lackey — former marvel Comics editor and star of the cult favorite STREET TRASH (1987) — and Anne O'Brien, two like-minded loons I need to reconnect with in a big way:

Here's this year's entry from Michael Golden and Renee Witterstaetter at the Eva Ink Artist Group (make sure to click on it to see all the detail at a larger size):

And rounding out this mini-gallery comes this one from Rick Veitch, one of my favorite comics creators who rocked hard on many titles including RARE BIT FIENDS, SWAMP THING, BRAT PACK, THE MAXIMORTAL, the vastly underrated CAN'T GET NO and the often laugh-out-loud funny (to me anyway) ARMY @ LOVE:
So keep 'em comin', folks!

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