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Friday, December 19, 2008


This one speaks for itself:

Just plain gives one the douche-chills, does it not?

Apparently Burger King is putting out a spray cologne for men called "Flame" that seductively smells of flame-broiled meat, and I hope to the gods that this is a joke. If it is, it's fucking brilliant; if not, it's completely fucking insane. The current incarnation of the Burger King character is crazy and disturbing enough, but having him almost completely nude in front of a fireplace as he beckons the viewer to join him for some lovin' is downright David Lynchian. For more on this unmitigated horror, click here and make sure to click on the "spray" feature to advance to the inviting monarch of fast food.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Damn, I was kinda hoping for a repeat tonight of a dream I had a couple weeks ago, wherein I did very naughty things with Salma Hayek while for some strange reason, olive oil was raining down on us.

Now I fear that I will be trying to flee an attempted sexual assault on my person by the Burger King involving the use of a spatula and some hot grease.

Maybe I can somehow stay awake all night...