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Sunday, April 12, 2009


The only cute image on this post, so enjoy it while you can.

As I scoured the internet for images that would inspire a dyed-in-the-wool heathen like me to write something pertinent relating to Easter, I realized everything I had to say on the subject was covered last year. So instead here's a gallery of holiday imagery that will pretty much ensure that you'll be seated right next to me, smoking a turd in Hell just for looking at this stuff. Enjoy!

-Yer Bunche

This one speaks for itself.

Considering his abilities, did Jesus create that beer and that blunt with a miracle? If so, that must be some righteous shit!

This one's for my pals who endured Catholic school.

This one brings to mind what an Easter greeting from the Island of Doctor Moreau might look like.

Sometimes grownups wonder why little kids freak out when they meet Santa of the Easter Bunny. Gaze upon this photo and wonder no longer.

Not the Easter Bunny per se, but you've just gotta love this Golden Age panel from an Aquaman story. (This one won't send you to Hell, unless you ate the brown acid.)


A gaggle of Easter Bears in in tighty-whiteys. There's just something primally awesome about this.

During the slasher movie craze of the 1980's, somehow Easter was just about the only holiday around which a graphically violent "plot" didn't revolve. With that in mind, doesn't this creepy guy look like he could have been the killer in something called HAPPY BEASTER?

Imagine how a Snickers would have brightened up the crucifxion.

Somehow I don't think this is what the Village People had in mind.

This is Scotty the Blue Bunny, a local fixture who hosted an infamous burlesque show some years back at Lucky 13, an evening I won't talk about in order to preserve the internet dignity of a certain person I know...

I may not have faith when it comes to conventional worship, but I sure as hell have religion for titties. HALLELUJAH!!!

When outright cuteness meets the illegal.

And here's the one that will guarantee a one-way ticket to the Lake of Fire:


John Bligh said...

What in Hell is an "Oversized male clitoris"?

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to comment on this thread? I saw this last night and had to share