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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Rather than a day of playing potentially harmful pranks on people, I always considered April Fools' Day to be a time for the embracing and celebration of the absurd, so get your asses out there and pretend to hump a mailbox in broad daylight! Wear an assless chicken costume and go into the local KFC to take advantage of their current "Three Can Eat for $9.99" meal deal! Stand on a street corner in Bedford Stuyvesant in blackface and try to sing "My Mammy" just for the fuck of it! Hang out at the most flaming gay bar in town dressed in a giant used Tampax costume! Jam the nationwide transmission of AMERICAN IDOL with footage of yourself in a creepy basement doing an interpretive dance to Hurricane Smith's "Oh, Babe What Would You Say!" Or even, as Steve Martin once suggested, "live in a swamp and be three-dimensional!" Life is a wondrous pageant and it should be enjoyed to the fullest!

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