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Friday, June 26, 2009


A little over a half hour ago, the NYPD stopped traffic to investigate a "suspicious package" on Third Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets. I figured it was probably nothing, but...

The police investigation, as seen from my office's 14th floor vantage point.

Some of my co-workers check things out from the balcony.

The sidewalks were closed off with yellow crime scene tape, and then my co-worker Tatiana pointed out a fully suited-up bomb squad guy advancing down 3rd Avenue to check things out.

By that point the gawkers who'd been outside on the balcony were forced to go back inside since the conference room through which we access the balcony was about to be the site of an important phone conference, so the gawking resumed inside various offices with adequate vantage points.

While some of my co-workers, most notably those who are relatively new to what goes on here in New York City, were understandably worried, I've seen far worse than this, and in no time things were declared normal and life returned to its normal rhythm. Yet during all of this drama I'm relieved to note that I kept my priorities straight and managed to allow my attention to be focused where it should have been, namely on the wonder of Jersey Jill's toothsome booty.

Now isn't that nicer than some ol' bomb scare?


Anonymous said...

I kinda like the one in the purple next to her...

Bobby "the Blue" said...

The bomb squad guy looks like a viallain from a monster movie. I'm glad everything is okay. Have a great time this weekend!

Cool Sweater Guy said...

You got some cuties in your office, Hook it up bro!!!!