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Thursday, October 01, 2020




How does one even write about horror in a year over-saturated with real world horrors?

Unless you have been fortunate enough to have resided under rock at the bottom of the ocean for the past seven months or so, you are no doubt aware of what an utter shit show 2020 has been. A global pandemic, disgraceful international politics, civil/social unrest, the United States standing unashamedly revealed as a racist cesspool (more openly than usual), basically everything but Mama Gorgo showing up in Manhattan. In short, the perfect climate in which to absorb scary movies in order to give our weary minds a respite from the real-life horrors that we endure every day.

This year’s entries will be all over the place in terms of quality and interest, and I hope you all have fun reading this stuff. Little it will be all that deep, but that’s the goal. Entertainment and diversion, so stay strong as we make our way to the 31st, the first year that I can recall without a proper Halloween with the “little dead out in droves.” That truly bums me out, but better to err on the side of caution and common sense. We may love the macabre, but let’s not contribute ourselves and loved ones to the escalating body count, mmm-kay? Keep horror on the screen and the printed page, where belongs and is welcome.

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