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Saturday, October 17, 2020


The other day In posted this costume sketch for this year's Halloween costume, which I initially referred to as "Afro Plague Doctor," then "Plague Brutha,' but now I'm thinking of calling it "Soul Brutha," as the character is here to steal the souls of trick-or-treaters.

Since then the assorted bits and bobs that will compose the outfit have begun arriving and I have had fun test-driving some of them. 

The array of components thus far, and me test-driving the mask with the wig and hooded cloak. I'm still awaiting the feathered ruff for my neck.

Regarding the warlock's staff, it’s a three-section item that screws together for assembly, and the plastic on the “wood” part is relatively sturdy but not meant to be leaned on. It’s for carrying only, or hanging up as decoration by the loop in the skull, and the screw-in sections are a bit dodgy. I’m going to find someone with a Dremel tool to remove the screw section from the head and “leather” part with the runes and shave down the resulting opening to fit, so I can place it atop one of my taller, more durable rattan kung fu poles. I will sport in place of the traditional plague doctor's cane.

The warlock's staff, pre-customization.

I tried out the plague doctor's mask, the oversized afro wig, and the hooded cloak together, and I was quite satisfied with how it all looked, though there's still plenty of rook for tweaking once everything is in hand.

When I get the full outfit together I want to walk around on Halloween in hope of encountering kids, so I can call to them in a demonic voice — “Come to me, child...COME HERE.” — and those who are brave enough to come to me get rewarded by getting to take candy from the bag I will be carrying. I hope I can find a proper plastic pumpkin for that purpose.



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