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Thursday, October 15, 2020


 Due to the pandemic not abating anytime soon, this year's Halloween is basically a wash and trick-or-treaters everywhere will just have to suck up the disappointment. It's simply a matter of common sense and safety, so there you go. That said, as an adult in NYC, I plan to get gecked-out and wander my neighborhood, hopefully creeping-out the few who will be out and about.

This year's concept is certainly era-appropriate but with my signature spin on things. I'll be doing "Plague Brutha," a SOUL TRAIN take on the medieval plague doctor.

The concept sketch.

I ordered the various components and they have begun arriving, with the leather mask showing up first. Upon taking it out of the packaging, I test-drove it and it took a little while to get used to breathing in it.


That was sorted by stuffing the bill with a black sock and adjusting the strap at the back for a more precise fit. The eyes are blue-tinted lenses that, when looking through them from the inside, provide almost normal-colored vision. It's quite comfy, so let's see how it all fits together with the rest of the costume, when the other components arrive. STAY TUNED.

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