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Tuesday, July 24, 2007



I just received this from a friend who attended the Fox Studios screening of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE last night (yes, this person was really there, of that I can assure you with 100& certainty) and figured I'd share the news with you. Thank you for the review, Early Attendee!

Hiya Bunche,

Simpsons movie: It's funny, there are some good laugh out moments, even a couple of touching tear jerky bits, but I was left feeling like it should have been bigger. The design was gorgeous, some great cgi like you'd see in Futurama, big scale but the plot didn't seem to match (yes, Homer does something really bad but I think he's done a lot worse really). It took a while getting used to the pacing which is a straight forward plot line as opposed to the show's complete 180's by the second act. Plus with everything going on you're left wanting to see what's happening to other characters instead of just sticking with the Simpsons' family.

It's a solid B. Fun to see and I'll definitely want to see the deleted scenes which I hear there are a lot.

And yep, you get to see Bart's steak and veg, Homer flips the bird and Marge swears... well for Marge it's swearing.

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