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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Ya know, I never thought I'd live to see the day when I might think, not even for a nano-second, that parental warning label stickers were at all neccessary. And then I stumbled across the album DEVIRGINATED GENITAL PULP (Forever Underground Records, 2003) by Detroit, Michigan's charming and erudite Mutilated.

Trust me, you don't want to see this cover any larger.

It's pretty much your standard death metal/grindcore, but holy mother of Cthulhu, check out a sampling of the lyrics! Lennon and McCartney it ain't, and I bet GG Allin must be kicking himself in his grave for and not doing a tour with these guys! But I'll let their poetry speak for itself.


An unusual wretched slut who craves not vaginal penetration
But needs her turd hole stretched beyond Its limitation
She pays top dollar to any shmuck with a dong
Such a filthy cunt, she’ll let you blow it on her tongue

Doesn’t care if shit stains her mouth
She loves the taste of stool

Hands on her ankles head on the floor
Exploding her anal pool

Her ass’s next encounter will be with my calloused fist

Yes, I will jam my hand into
A place were a bunch of guys have pissed

Her ass sucked it up way too easy
To receive any pain
So I jammed it in even further
Just drove this bitch insane

It’s time to excavate
What this cunt holds so sacred

Withdraw my arm from her ass
And make the bitch taste it

Suffer she is destined
She never tasted her intestine

Picking a place to carve a hole in
So I can masturbate into her colon

Stabbing an inch above her sphincter

I make a mess of her crack
Jizzing in her stinker
I show her Her pulp-like asshole
Lying in my hand

She begged for me to put it back

So I kicked her fucking teeth in

Grinning, knowing this chick cannot blow a fart

For I’m the motherfucker who ripped her ass apart

(pause to regain even a shred of tastefulness)

Yep, that's pretty nasty. But the next one is far worse, so it's only fair to warn you before you proceed any further.


Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...(drum roll, please)


Disgusting, unconceivable craving for pussy

Beautifully butchered creampies so bloody

Nipples removed to expose slimy fat

Leaking rancid stenched goo

Squeezing tits till they're flat

Hedge clippers are my choice of tool

One blade in her cunt
The other in her ass

Gently in place only to be savagely hacked

Pussy and anus now one giant shit smelling gash

Not only do I fuck the attractive gory soggy hole

I jam my fist in as far as it will go

Colon, bladder, and uterus
Blended into jelly

All done with my hand
 inside her belly
Removing handfuls of internal glop

Soon to feed upon rank piss smelling slop

My cock is hard as it sloshes through the mess

It only makes me hotter as I stab her chest

Hearing bone crunch as blade slams through her sternum

Must fuck the wounds between her tits so I can cum

I’m sweating like a fucking pig

Now she’s not that elegant after I blow my load

I throw her pieces in the garbage

(another very loooooooong pause)

So. Do you think these guys may have some issues with women? I admit that I'm on board for "Disgusting, unconceivable craving for pussy," a statement that defines about 97% of my waking existence, but the whole thing just goes on to plumb new depths of awfulness from that point on. Are these guys serious? I don't think that they're writing this stuff as a means of redirecting any actual urges to vaginally/anally mutilate people, but do they consider this to be in any way artistic? Are these merely the plaintive musings of a bunch of guys who've never gotten bare tit, let alone been granted an invitation into the Good Place? And, knowing plenty of women who are into metal, even the harsher death metal variety, I'm curious to hear what they have to say about this one. Yeeeeeeesh... 

Mutilated: they were somebody's babies once...


Anonymous said...

Well, they did get your attention, didn't they?

John Bligh said...

I haven't heard the songs, but I'm sure they sound something akin to:

"Rahhhgheah rgrahh haggdhh archhrrrgled" (Repeat ad-nauseam)...

Also, Richard Christie from the Stern Show has mentioned many times that most Death Metal shows are sausage parties. No one gets laid. I'm firmly convinced 99.9999999% of death metal is purely shock value.

--=MR.JOE=-- said...

When I get married I want to use the first song for our first wedding dance at the reception. Its so romantic.