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Monday, July 09, 2007


I just stepped out of the design studio in search of a cheap lunch, opting for the dirty water dogs on the corner, and immediately ran into yet more of the unexpected free entertainment that pops up on the sidewalks of the good ol' Rotten Apple.

As I made to cross Forty-First Street I almost bumped into a homeless White guy with his pants hanging about his thighs, dragging behind him a wheeled suitcase that had certainly seen better days. He staggered to and fro in the summer swelter and bellowed, "MAKE WAY FOR THE ROUND-EYED AMERICAN!" after which he seamlessly segued into a chant of, "I AM EVIL HO-MER! I AM EVIL HO-MER!" complete with the conga line stutter-step.

If I didn't have to return to work I may have joined him and danced my way downtown to Thompkins Square Park.

1 comment:

Bobby "the Blue" said...

That MUST BE the funniest NYC story in the foreverz!