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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


"' den ol' Bre'r Rabbit done snuck his ass up inta da Big House an' kilt alla dem White muthafukkas. Wit' a razor 'cross dey neck! Kilt 'em all daid. But he kept dem li'l White gals aroun' for a while, if y'all aquires mah drift..."

"Okay guys, one more thing. This summer when you're being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don't forget what you're celebrating, and that's the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn't want to pay their taxes."

-Miss Stroud to her class as school lets out for the summer of 1976 in the excellent DAZED AND CONFUSED (1993)

"Happy Fouth of July!" "Happy Fourth, man!" "Happy Independence Day!" I've heard endless variations on those well-wishes all afternoon as my co-workers readied themselves for tomorrow's day off, and it annoyed the living shit out of me that many of them who are Black, Hispanic, Asian, or "other" actually give a damn.

Them heathen Injuns were here in the first place and actually had the temerity to object when the Eurotrash first showed up,

And after barely surviving a hellish genocide the assfucking of the Redskin continued, thanks to the government and the media.


(Please forgive me, Granddaddy, but I still love F TROOP...)

Us spooks were brought here against our will — with the help of our own people, let us not forget — and instantly hated unless we were sources of hard labor, amusement, or a place to house Massa's dick. The Hispanics arrived by a variety of means and were also not exactly made to feel welcome. The same can be said of John Chinaman and his laundry-doing, railroad-building ass.

And then came the Jews, Eye-talians, Micks, and an avalanche of filthy immigrants who arrived on these shores and totally fucked up what decent White folks had killed and raped so hard to accomplish.

I'll never forget all the happy horsehit I was forced to swallow as a part of my national heritage of pride when I was ingrade school. George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, great men who fought for the nation's independence from the tyranny of England. Well, ain't that just peachy, fighting for freedom while enslaving their fellow human beings, a point I ofeten made during those elementary school history lessons, but seeing as I was one of maybe seven Blacks in the entire school no one cared to consider that I might not be so inspired by tales of powdered wig glory.

And do NOT get me started on the sheer, year-long annoyance that was the Bicentennial...

Anyway, as you celebrate the 4th of July and the independence of those poor, oppressed White folks, take a moment to think about all the spooks who fought for American freedom while the chattel slavery system went on for nearly another century of unspeakable brutality. If only this day could be celebrated in the name of the Great American Melting Pot, a society in which all citizens can be proud to continue getting their willing hump on and diversifying the gene pool...

Happy Fourth of July, muthafukkas!!!

Geordie remained bitter about his Starfleet Academy hazing for the rest of his career.

"Hey, dude, I only freed 'em as a goof! AAAAARRRGH!"


Anonymous said...

when you're right, you're right!

Anonymous said...

Actually, many Mexicans were already here. Almost half of the continental US was originally part of Mexico. Portions of it it were "won" from Spain or purchased from France(*); the rest was either ceded from Mexico by treaty or taken by force of arms... often by the Latinos who felt they'd get a better deal from the US than they would by remaining part of Mexico (and in many ways, they were right). Yes, boys and girls, many of those brave men - and women - at the Alamo were of Mexican descent. Funny how rarely that comes up in so-called "histories."

Oh, yeah - and let's not forget the role of Arab traders in the African Slave Inferno. Had it not been for the unholy combination of African tribal warriors selling their conquered enemies to Arab traders, the Spanish and Porteugese would never have had the wherewithal to ship large amounts of Africans to their American holdings to start with. Europeans did not penetrate the interior of Africa proper until the tail end of the slave era. Until then, those slaves were captured and sold by an African-Arabian alliance - a fact glossed over by the loathesome anti-Semite revisionists who revere Islam and blame Jews for the Triangle Trade.(**)

* - France's claim to that bit of real-estate was rather shaky. Napoleon was stuck in a very expensive war back in Europe, so he sold off what he rightly considered to be some very expensive-to-maintain property in the "New World" to help fund his army. Much of that land, however, "belonged" to Spain as part of the Mexico territory - at least as far as those snotty Europeans reckoned things, anyway.

** - Another conveniently-forgotten fact: The Triangle Trade began with Spain - where it was illegal upon pain of death to be Jewish. The Spanish Inqusition had seen to that, and it was in full force during nearly all of the slavery era.