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Sunday, July 08, 2007


I went to the barbecue joint late on Friday night so Tracey the Waitress Goddess could hand off some stuff to me that I lent her a while ago — my collection of the complete Richard Pryor recordings on CD, so that’ll give you an idea how much I trust her — and when I went in Joy the bartender stopped me to relate the following story.

Earlier in the week a couple came in for dinner and after their meal they asked Joy, “Hey, is your name Tracey?” Joy replied with a “no” but asked why they asked, and the couple replied that they were in town from Seattle and dropped in because they had been reading the Vault of Buncheness for two years.

Yes, the humble Vault of Bunchess is actually read by people other than yourself, shut-ins, fan-geeks, mental patients, sex-offender inmates, cross-dressing heads of state, and ex-lovers who peruse my random jottings to track my hoped-for slide into outright madness. Imagine my surprise!

So, to the couple from Seattle, thanks for reading, and feel free to write in with the story of how you chanced up my little quadrant of the vast internet galaxy. I bet you two Googled “crazy light-skinned Black guy,” “vulgarians in Brooklyn,” and “eating pussy,” am I right?

Ya gotta love a good search engine...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Buncho, this is Steb and Lacy from seattle finally getting back to you. i honestly don't remember how i initially stumbled upon your awesome blog but it was just before your 40th b-day and i've been tuning in ever since. and now i'm on the cusp of turning the big FOUR-OH myself in a couple of months...
my girl Lacy lived in your fair city for 8 or 9 years right outta high school and we were in town to visit some of her friends and go to a wedding in tribeca.
i've got some tales to impart to you, so drop me a line ( and i'll expound further.

Steb out