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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY 2008!!!

Well, it's the new year, so I wish everybody an improvement over the last one.

My New Year's Eve adventures were pretty low key this time around, but that's okay because I wasn't really in the mood for the usual viking-level insanity. I found myself at the Upper West Side apartment of my friends Sara and Pat and ended up surrounded by many old friends — Mr. Fun, Hottie Karate, Sexy Lexi, Dr. Slinky — as well as some of my hosts' pals from work and elsewhere. My pal Hughes was in attendance with his lovely fiancee, Natuza, and they made my night by introducing me to Natuza's tasty cousin, Raquel (pronounced "Hah-kell;" in Portugese first names the "R" in pronounced as an "H"). We all had a terrific time, supplemented with an impressive fireworks display witnessed from the apartment's roof deck, and I eventually left to make my way home through the freakshow that is the NYC streets and subway system on New Year's. The journey was a bit less weird than usual, but it did take me nearly two hours to get home; the trip back from where my friends' home should have taken about a half hour since the train in question is an express, but since this was a holiday and late at night train service was completely fucked in the ear. I ended up taking three trains to get anywhere near my stop, and after waiting over twentry minutes for a connecting train one stop from where I live I just said, "Fuck this," made my way above ground and onto the street at Fourth Avenue and walked my ass home, finally settling in at 4:30 AM.

I'm just gonna take it easy today and watch some movies on TV while I make a vat of soup. It's so nice to start the year without a crippling hangover...

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GILSONIC said...

happy new year, el buncho! 2007 sucked, but we saw more of each other than usual this past year, so that was cool. we are ON for cloverfield opening night if i don't see you sooner!