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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


When the beloved NEXUS resurfaced in July after a ten-year absence, I was one happy comic book reader and posted about it with gushing happiness. Mike Baron and Steve Rude's superhero saga/space epic never failed to deliver the goods — provided Steve Rude was behind the artistic wheel — and when it went AWOL it left a noticable void in the landscape of quality comics. Then, from out of nowhere, it came back, original creative team at the helm and picking up right where it left off, so I gobbled up the first new issue (#99) and eagerly awaited the next installment. That wait has gone on for the past six months and while I was well aware of Rude's legendary perfectionism and deadline-blowing ways, this was too much to take after so long a drought. I called my favorite comics shops every week to see if there was any sign of issue #100, but nobody knew anything.

I called Jim Hanley's Universe this morning (Wednesday is the day when the new stuff hits the stands) and asked the lovely Julie if there was any word (she's a recent convert to the joys of NEXUS), but she didn't see it on the day's manifest. Irked, I hit google for an answer and this is what I got. Not what I wanted to hear, but at least it's a legitmate excuse and I now have a tentative release date. From the press release on Steve Rude's website :


Rude Dude Productions announced Nexus 100 to be Pushed Back

Pheonix, AZ – September 21, 2007 – Are we sitting down? Rude Dude Productions announced today that the long awaited Nexus 100 is being delayed until January. Blame the perfectionist nature of the Dude. The painted story is taking longer than thought. And why the decision to resolicit? Because it’s going to buy us the time to send out all three issues without delay. Month after month, as originally intended.

To refresh your memories, in addition to the 23-page main story feature, Nexus 100 contains the first fully-painted Steve Rude art ever done for a comic story. “When She was Young,” Part II, an eleven-page Sundra Peale story that takes place at the beginning of Sundra’s career and reveals her first meeting with a notorious and very treacherous---ah, long time fans will probably guess---but for now just keep it under your hats. Baron and Rude consider this painted story a landmark achievement in itself. All their usual writing and art trademarks abound!

And don’t forget the bonus 12-page feature, “The History of Nexus” by journalist Bill Baker. See how it all began! Early, previously unseen Nexus art! The crew from all 3 Nexus publishers tell all! Readers new and old to Nexus will find this feature an invaluable resource. Heck, Baron and Rude even found out a few new things!

Nexus 100: Space Opera, Act 2 due out the first week in January can be previewed on Comic Space: Rude Dude Productions also has a limited number of advanced black and white previews available in their store at

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